Thank You from Gloria

October 30, 2017

Hello everyone… last we can breathe again….for the time being anyway. As you would have seen the danger level has been reduced to 3 and many of the evacuees are returning home. I’m not sure how many are going to stay on in the evacuation camps but I’m told there are still thousands who cannot return as they live in the “red zones”..or are too afraid to do so at this time.  This is obviously going to take time as there are strong emotional issues and they must be carefully dealt with. Listed below are the items we took to three evacuation camps…1. Desa Les Village…2 Tembok Village and 3. Candi Dasa Camp no.1.

20 mattresses ( new )

Blankets x 20


Face masks

Vegetables and other foods.      Warm clothing

Onions x 10 kilos                        Toilet cleaner x 6

Potatoes x 20 kilos                     Bleach x 6

Chokos x 20                                Wipol disinfectant x 6

Beans x 7 kilos                           Floor mops x 5                           

Sugar                                          Floor cloths x 5

Coffee                                         Brooms x 5

Rice                                            Toilet brushes x 5

Watermelons x 10                      floor cleaning detergent x 5

Carrots x 10 kilos                       Buckets for water x 6

Cabbages x 10                            


Garlic                                           Medication for flu and chest colds….x 20 bottles


Soy sauce x 4 large

Sambal x 4 large                  and most of all lots of love.


 I would like to thank all our friends here in Bali/ Australia and the USA for their kind donations…we raised almost $1000 towards the cost of purchasing items for the evacuees, see above list and for the ( cost of petrol and drivers  $100 )..and a one night stay in a very cheap hotel for our helpers  ( $30 )..We still have $ 300 left and will keep this sum in reserve just in case things take a downward turn…

Thank you all so much and a huge thank you to Ralph for all his help……We hope and pray things will settle down here once again…and give peace to all who live here on this beautiful island.



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